Steps for a successful transition

A dedicated Arkadios transition specialist works to support all aspects of your transition.


Develop a comprehensive transition strategy

Timing, compensation payments, and client communications are all taken into account as we work with you to develop a comprehensive transition strategy.

Inventory your business

By taking an inventory of your client accounts, you will ensure a best-in-class client transition experience.

Client paperwork preparation

Our dedicated transition team will train your staff on the paperwork required to move your business.

Business processing

After you have registered and obtained client signatures, the Arkadios team works with your staff to complete the data entry required to establish all accounts, submit transfers, and track receipt of assets.


Our team will lead staff training so that your firm is able to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Wherever you are on your path to independence, our platform was built from the ground up with YOU in mind.

Learn how our Hybrid BD/RIA solution can put you back at the center of your client relationships.
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